Fee Information Sheet (Effective 06/18/2018); prices subject to change without notice

Hearing Evaluation Services

Complete Audiological Evaluation



Hearing Evaluation






Tymp, Acoustic Reflex Testing



Tymp, Acoustic Reflex and Decay Testing


TOTAL FOR COMPLETE EVALUATION (non-GW faculty, staff, students)


TOTAL FOR COMPLETE EVALUATION (Package discount for current GW faculty, staff, students)


Additional Audiological Evaluations

Additional Special Auditory Tests

$100.00 per hour

Otoacoustic Emissions (Screening)


Otoacoustic Emissions (Diagnostic)


Earmold Tubing Change Only

$15.00 per earmold

Hearing Aid Check without Reprogramming

$25.00 per hearing aid

Hearing Aid Check with Reprogramming

$50.00 per hearing aid

Hearing Aid Evaluation/Consult without Demonstration

$100.00 per appointment

Hearing Aid Evaluation/Consult with Demonstration

$200.00 per appointment

Hearing Aid Evaluation with Demonstration & Fitting


Hearing Aids (price does not include Evaluation/Consultation, Demonstration, Fitting or Earmold fees)

$750.00-$3800.00 each

Hearing Aid Supplies (batteries, tubing, receivers, wires, domes, wax guards, cleaning tools, etc.)

$2.50-$175.00 varies by product

Cochlear Implant Programming (Cochlear Americas & Advanced Bionics)


Cochlear Implant Upgrade Programming


Custom Earmolds/Earplugs/Swimplugs



One Earmold/Earplug/Swimplug



Two Earmolds/Earplugs/Swimplugs



Each Additional Special Modification



Earmold Impression Only (no purchase of mold)



Musician’s Ear Protectors



One set of filters



Two sets of filters



Etymotic earmolds (with voucher)


Auditory Rehabilitation - Active Communication Enhancement



Individual Treatment

$50.00 per 50 minute session


Group Treatment 2-3 persons

$25.00 per 50 minute session


Three to Four Week Group Class


Form Completion (Disability, Phone, Transportation, etc.)

$10.00 - $25.00

Hearing Aid Trouble Shooting Clinics

Free to existing patients

$25.00 plus cost of repair for non-existing patients (walk-ins)

Cochlear Implant (CI) Services

CI Evaluation  350
Cochlear Implant initial activation 750
Cochlear Implant initial activation with 1 year follow up (including one semester of AR)  2000
One semester of CI Aural rehabilitation (10 appointments) 450
Individual Aural rehabilitation appointment 50
CI Mapping after first year/individual CI mapping 250


Speech, Language, Literacy & Voice Services

Speech, Language, Literacy or Voice Standard Evaluation (Discount - current GW faculty, staff, students - $100.00)


Additional Specialized Testing

 $100.00 per additional hour

Speech, Language, Literacy or Voice Treatment



Individual Treatment

(Discount - GW faculty, staff, students - $25.00)

$50.00 per 50 minute session


Group Treatment

(Discount - GW faculty, staff, students - $12.50)

$25.00 per 50 minute session

Speech and Language or Hearing Screenings/per person (minimum charge of $250.00 for off-campus visits)

$10.00 - $ 25.00

Hearing Screening (School)



(tones only; per student)



(tones/tymps; per student)


Rescreen (Threshold AC) (prior GW failures only)


Consulting, Counseling, or Case Staffing (off-campus visits will be assessed a $40.00 surcharge per visit)

$100.00 per hour

Payments are expected at the time of service. The Center is not contracted with any commercial insurance company and is non-participating with Medicare. All payments are expected at time of service. A Universal Claim Form will be provided to those with commercial insurance for reimbursement submission following payment. Accounts will be charged $25.00 for unkept appointments unless notice is given at least 24 hours prior to a session. Call the center at 202-994-7360 to leave a message.

Collection Policy: Bills more than two months overdue will be assessed a finance charge of 1.5 percent per month. Treatment is administered by graduate student clinicians who are supervised by certified Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. Since this is a teaching center students and supervisory staff may observe sessions directly or through one-way observation windows. Clients may notify their clinician if they would prefer not to have student observers at a particular session.