International Collaboration

Study Abroad Mexico 2018
2018's study abroad participants in front of Centro de Rehabilitación Integral de Querétaro (CRIQ)

The GWU Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) Department offers a study abroad elective. In addition to the rich cultural events and encounters, students have the opportunity to meet with local professionals; visit numerous service delivery sites, observe and collaborate with health and education service providers and experience and evaluate the scope of practice in Speech Language Pathology in other countries.

Vision: Students, faculty, and staff within SLHS will have a broad national and international perspective that informs scholarship, clinical service delivery, and teaching through transformative, collaborative, and innovative experiences.

Mission: To expose students to the skills necessary to become a culturally-sensitive speech-language pathologists, scholars, and educators through engagement with culturally diverse groups throughout the world.

Engagement: The following characterizes the types of engagement that are currently, or could, occur as part of the department's Global and Cultural Engagement activities.


To provide opportunities for collaborative scholarship for research across cultural, geographic, or linguistic contexts.


To provide opportunities for students to learn about service delivery across cultural, geographic, and linguistic settings both within the US, and elsewhere throughout the world. 


Clinical Engagement

To provide an opportunity for students and faculty to participate in, and contribute to sustainable clinical service delivery or training in regions that are underserved, or that have less developed professional preparation and service delivery.

Experiential Student Learning

To provide opportunities to learn about other regions, cultures, or linguistic groups, and about service delivery differing from that typical of the US.

Interested in studying abroad with us in 2019?

The Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences Department is offering two study about trips in SPRING 2019

Where: Queretaro, Mexico with 2 day trips nearby (ex. Tequisquiapan, San Miguel, Guanajuato)
What: Spanish language classes related to SLP (daily) followed by site visits to numerous sites around Queretaro (private practices, hospitals, schools, hippotherapy). Students will also have a chance to interact with local college students to practice Spanish and learn about the culture.
Who: approximately 12 students and 2 co-leaders
When: Saturday, March 9- Saturday, March 16 (spring break 2019)
A short term study abroad program to China will be offered following the Spring, 2019 semester. This is a 15 day trip (May 3-17)  that will provide an up-close and personal view of speech pathology services in China. Students will have an opportunity to learn  about the profession, interact and share ideas with speech teachers and therapists, and also visit a number of facilities (rehab Centers, hospitals, universities). Also planned are visits to a number of historic and cultural sites (The Great Wall, the Bund, Sun Yat-sen memorial, etc.). The visited facilities will cover a range of patients with speech, language and hearing disorders, both adults and children.
For more information visit [email protected]