Neuroscience of Language Lab

Neuroscience of Language Lab

We study the neural basis of language and other higher level cognitive functions. In particular, we ask how humans produce and understand sentences. How do we order words in grammatical ways? How do we understand the different meanings that are conveyed by different sentence structures? How and when do children acquire these abilities? 

Research in the lab examines three different populations (typically developing children, adults, patients with brain lesions) and employs both neuroimaging and behavioral methods. These different strands of research are connected by common themes including the role of the frontal cortex in sequencing and language processing, the interaction between language and other cognitive functions (particularly executive function), and the role of language experience in shaping language use.

Lab News

Trivedi Awarded a 2014-15 Luther Rice Fellowship and 2014 UREF

Bhairvi Trivedi was awarded a Luther Rice Fellowship for the 2014-15 academic year. The lab congratulates her on this impressive achievement!  

Bhairvi Trivedi received an award from the Undergraduate Research Enhancement Fund (UREF) for Spring 2014. Congratulations, Bhairvi!

Rattinger presented at conference in San Diego

Michelle Rattinger presented a poster on Neural Correlates of Phonological Sequencing at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language 2013 conference in San Deigo, CA.

Lucio presented at conference in Memphis, TN

Whitley Lucio presented a poster on Executive function and the asymmetry between children's language production and comprehension at the Cognitive Development Society 2013 conference in Memphis, TN.

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