The Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences began in the early 1940s with an emphasis on enhancing the speech performance of GW students, an emphasis that remains today in our undergraduate program. Soon after its creation, the department became involved in assisting students with speech disorders and educating professionals who wished to serve persons with communication disorders. These efforts led to the establishment of the GW Speech, Language and Hearing Center in 1946.

Our mission is to advance knowledge of language and communication science and related disorders through teaching, research, and service.  We accomplish this through the combined efforts of faculty and students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

As part of the training and service missions of the department, the Speech, Language and Hearing Center trains graduate students to serve those with communication impairments in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area. Certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists (both faculty and staff) provide the many hours of direct graduate student supervision necessary to ensure superb training for our students and quality speech language and hearing services to hundreds of clients per year. Faculty and students are also involved in clinical research projects, in which clients may participate.