40+ Faculty Papers Presented at Conferences Each Year

Between working directly with patients at the GW Speech and Hearing Center, publishing original research, presenting at GW Research Days and visiting clinics around the world, students have many opportunities to prepare for future careers and advanced study in speech and hearing sciences. 

Faculty are well-published in their fields and often consulted by national news outlets for their expertise. Many faculty incorporate undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars into their cutting-edge labs. Students can reach out to faculty members regarding lab openings through their individual bio pages or lab websites.


Research Opportunities for Students 


“In my first semester of freshman year, I was able to do research with one of my professors at the National Building Museum every week working with children. It was really exciting to be involved in research so soon because I wasn’t really sure where speech and language could take me.”

Bethany Perez
BA '18

Bethany Perez

Collaborating Research Institutions

The Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences collaborates with researchers at a variety of schools and institutions on projects around the world. 


The Children's National Medical Center.
The Children's National Medical Center





  • The Children's National Medical Center
  • The National Building Museum
  • Brandeis University
  • Georgetown University
  • Harvard University
  • University of Southern California
  • Albert Einstein School of Medicine
  • Trinity College, Dublin



  • Nanjing Normal University
  • The University of Brisbane
  • Citrine Technologies
  • GW School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • GW Milken Institute of Public Health
  • GW School of Nursing
  • GE Medical Faculty Associates


Research in Action 

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Hearing By Seeing: Lipreading Bridges Conversation Gap

CCAS Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences researchers are helping people with hearing loss through an innovative new approach to lipreading.

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Untangling the Trauma-Speech Connection

How does trauma link to speech and language disorders? Sarah Hine and a team of graduate researchers are using their own experiences with vulnerable populations

Malathi Thothathiri (center) with student researchers Maria Braiuca (left) and Kasey Lerner (right)

Finding Answers to Aphasia

In a multi-site project involving as many as 100 patients, Associate Professor Malathi Thothathiri and her students are researching the neurological disorder.

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Are Autism and Overeating Linked?

Assistant Professor Greg Wallace's pilot study aims to determine if children with autism are more likely to be rated as overeaters than other children.

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Helping Transgender People Find Their Voice

At the GW Speech and Hearing Center, Associate Professor Adrienne Hancock and graduate student clinicians guide transgender clients to a new, more genuine voice