Study Abroad

Group of speech and hearing students and faculty members in front of the Great Wall of China.

Study abroad exposes graduate students to speech and hearing practices in other countries, helping them build cultural sensitivity and global perspective for their future careers as speech pathologists, scholars and educators.

Trips usually include educational visits to local therapy and rehab centers, hospitals and schools, in addition to exploring historic and cultural attractions.


Student Outcomes

  • Research: Engage in collaborative scholarship for research across cultural, geographic and linguistic lines.
  • Academics: Visit clinical sites to learn about different service delivery practices while networking with local professionals and service providers.
  • Clinical Training: Contribute to sustainable clinical service delivery or training in regions that are underserved or less professionally developed.
  • Experience: Enjoy rich cultural learning experiences through exposure to new people, history and food.


How to Apply

There are no applications available at this time. Check back soon, and visit the GW Office for Study Abroad for more opportunities.

GW Office for Study Abroad


Past Programs

Querétaro, Mexico 2020

Students in Mexico pose with large white papers covered in notes in green and purple marker

Four students and two co-leaders travelled to Querétaro, Mexico, with the goal of increasing linguistic and cultural competencies in speech-language pathology in a Spanish speaking country.

This trip provided the graduate students with an experience that exposed them not only to speech-language pathology practices, but to the cultural and linguistic influences that impact therapy approaches. For three weeks, the students worked alongside Mexican “terapeutas de lenguaje” (speech therapists) in two community centers to provide a high quality of service to specific populations in Spanish.

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Beijing, China 2019

One-on-one therapy for a child with cochlear implants in China.


Over the course of a 15-day trip, students got an up-close-and-personal view of speech pathology services in China. Attendees met and shared ideas with speech teachers and therapists at a number of facilities around the city, including rehab centers, hospitals and universities. Patients at the facilities included adults and children with a range of speech, language and hearing disorders. The group also visited the Great Wall, the Bund and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial.

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Querétaro, Mexico 2019

Group of speech and hearing students smiling in front of a mural of a tree and children's handprints outside Camp Helen Keller.

A group of a dozen students and two co-leaders traveled to Querétaro, Mexico, to visit private practices, hospitals, schools and hippotherapy (horseback riding therapy) facilities in the area. Students attended daily language classes and interacted with local college students to practice their Spanish and learn about the culture. The group also took day trips to nearby Tequisquiapan, San Miguel and Guanajuato.

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Querétaro, Mexico 2018

Building with large letters that say "Tequis"

Clinical Supervisor Kari Lim and Assistant Professor Cynthia Core led 12 graduate students to Querétaro, Mexico, to take Spanish language classes in the field and visit speech, language and hearing sciences clinics and institutions around Querétaro. Students spoke with local college students, took a yoga class taught in Spanish and went on day trips to Tequisquiapan, San Miguel and Guanajuato.

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Kathmandu, Nepal 2016

Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences participants smiling in front of a banner that says Study Abroad Program, 2016—Nepal.

Fourteen students participated in SLHS’s study abroad in Nepal, led by Kari Lim and Sylvia Campbell. Students took part in a variety of activities including dinner with former Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand, touring several hospitals and meeting with audiologists, speech-language pathologists and physicians. GW students also met with members of Youth Asia to discuss the field of speech-language pathology and its presence in Nepal, noting the prevalence of speech and hearing disorders and the education available to those interested in the field. 

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Seoul, Korea 2013

Two people smiling in front of a sign for the Chonbuk National University Dental Hospital.

Students spent two weeks in Seoul, Chuncheon and Cheonju listening to lectures at universities, meeting patients with developmental disorders at hospitals and rehab centers and attending cross-cultural meetings. The group also observed a cleft palate surgery and heard from an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Cheonju.

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