Hearing Health Care

Chances are, hearing loss affects you or someone close to you.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one third of individuals over the age of 65 are affected by hearing loss. Hearing loss not only affects adults but children as well. WHO estimates that 1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk for permanent hearing loss as a result of noise exposure secondary to personal music/audio devices. Have you noticed yourself or someone you know saying "Huh?" or "What?" more often recently? Do you or someone you know struggle to hear people when you're at a restaurant or in another noisy place? Do you or someone close to you have ringing in your ears? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," for you or a friend/family member then the audiologists at the George Washington University Speech and Hearing Center are here to serve you!

 The Hearing Healthcare Track is aimed to equip our graduate students with necessary experience to provide high-standard, patient-centered care to both children and adults who have hearing loss and communication difficulties. Since the George Washington University Speech and Hearing Center first opened in 1946 we have strived to be a community leader in audiology evaluation and hearing loss management. With our Hearing Healthcare Track we have the unique opportunity to provide our patients with multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment/management technique through hands on training and learning.


Our licensed and board-certified Doctors of Audiology in conjunction with our graduate students through the Hearing Healthcare Track provide a variety of services. Services include:

  • Complete hearing evaluations for children and adults
  • Speech in noise testing
  • Tympanometry and middle ear measurements
  • Oto-acoustic emissions
  • Hearing screenings (both on and off campus)
  • Hearing aid evaluations, fittings, orientations, and programming appointments.
  • Bone anchored hearing device evaluations, fittings, orientations, and programming appointments
  • Cochlear implant evaluations
  • Cochlear implant mapping/programming
  • Assistive device consultations and orientations
  • Audiologic/Aural rehabilitation therapy services
  • Auditory rehabilitation and speech therapy for children with hearing loss
  • Tinnitus management and counseling
  • Ear/hearing protection conservation, including fitting of custom swim plugs, noise protection, musician’s protection
  • Hearing aid troubleshooting clinics (hours change per semester)

Dr. Nicole Jordan, Au.D.

Dr. Nicole Jordan, Au.D., is the Clinical Coordinator of Audiology and a supervisor of the HHC clinical track.

Phyllip Taylor-Alonso, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA

Dr. Taylor-Alonso is a supervisor in the HHC clinical track.