The Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences undergraduate program provides students with an in-depth knowledge of language, speech, hearing and communication. Students may earn a bachelor of arts (BA) degree in one of three different concentrations:

BA Requirements

The required major courses along with the general curriculum requirements are designed to provide a strong liberal arts education that will be the foundation for future learning about human language and communication.

Majors are required to take 15 courses: Seven core courses; 8 courses in the student’s selected area of concentration. The earliest courses provide an orientation to communication, hearing, language and speech as well as an introduction to the scientific methodologies associated with the study of these areas. Later courses offer students an understanding of the clinical management of speech, language and hearing disorders as well as information about other professional areas in the discipline. Specific information about these courses can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Minor Requirements

The department also offers a Minor in Speech, Language and Hearing Science that requires completing six courses, four required and two electives selected from a group of 8 courses within the department. Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin for further details.


All students are invited to participate in the active research programs of faculty and staff through undergraduate honors and independent study. The department takes great pride in the advancement of the profession through the many publications and presentations of students, faculty and staff at state, national and international conferences. Undergraduate students who meet the requirements for Departmental Honors have completed undergraduate honors theses and have had prestigious fellowships such as the Luther Rice and George Gamow Research Fellowship. For those students in the University Honors Program, there is also the Enosinian Scholarship Program.

Contact Professor Craig Linebaugh ([email protected]) to discuss the major or minor in Speech, Language and Hearing Science.


Treating Social Cognitive Disorders

Kari Comer, pediatric clinical supervisor of speech and hearing science, brings extensive knowledge and experience working with communication and social cognitive disorders. A specialist in the assessment and intervention to treat individuals across their lifespan, she has been an active participant in mentoring students in their clinical learning.

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