Class Notes, Fall 2015

October 01, 2014

Anna Adamovich, BA ’13, currently works as a research data associate at New York University’s Langone Medical Center. Her team is implementing a new software for managing tissue and blood samples in the hospital. Hopefully this new system will allow for easier collaboration among investigators working in cancer research.

Jessica Blasko, MA ’14, has been working as a school SLP at Fairfax County Public Schools since May 2014. Though at times her case load can be overwhelming, her students are amazing. Jessica is enjoying applying what she has learned at GW at her new job.

Byrna Bornstein, BA ’78, runs a small pediatric private practice in Westwood, Mass. After 34 years, she is still quite happy with her career choice and has fond memories of GW!

Anna Branch, MA ’14, is in Washington, D.C., and completing a CF year in Montgomery County Public Schools, working in an elementary school and a high school. She is enjoying the lack of homework!

Alexina Bratton, MA ’14, is still living in Washington, D.C., and is about two months into her CF at a rehab center in Hyattsville.

Janean Wilson Brown, BA ’09, MA’11, is starting her third year working as an SLP in Baltimore City Public Schools! While D.C. is still one of her favorite cities, Janean has truly grown to love Baltimore too! She works in her neighborhood elementary school (a great commute!) as well as with middle school students who are deaf or hard of hearing in a school across town. Working in the schools is challenging but so much fun. The students always keep her on her toes and laughing!

Olivia Cali, BA ’12, MA, , ’14, works with Montgomery Public Schools at an elementary school, managing children from pre-kindergarten through grade 5. She is having lots of fun!

Linda Carpenter (Née Brissman), BA ’69, retired as a university professor and is now living in Florida. Dr. Carpenter earned her PhD from UCLA/Cal State and spent her career preparing speech-language pathologists at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Kristen Dorsey, MA ’11, is co-owner and director, along with Alicia Lennon (class of 2011), of Children's Speech Therapy Center of Ashburn, Va. She is also engaged and will be marrying Brian Jones in Leesburg, Va., in July 2015.

Arliene Entine-Reich, BA ’74, has owned a private practice on Long Island, N.Y., for the past 31 years. Prior to that she worked at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City and at Temple University Hospital Department of Rehabilitation in Philadelphia, Pa. After 38 years in the field she still loves it everyday!

Josefina Fernandez, MA ’13, completed her clinical fellowship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, and is continuing to work for Kennedy at Lois T. Murray Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore City.

Hana Fudala, MA ‘14 ,works at the Penn Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine in Philadelphia, Pa.

Laura Garabedian, BA ’11, currently lives in Boulder, Colo., and is working as a project assistant at the National Research Center.

Gina M. Gomez, MA ‘99, is a pediatric and educational audiologist working in Arlington Public Schools located in Arlington, Va. Dr. Gomez served two consecutive terms as a board member for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Special Interest Group 9, Hearing and Hearing Disorders in Childhood. She continues to be a member of ASHA’s Special Interest Group 9 and is also a member of the Educational Audiology Association. Dr. Gomez continues to advocate on Capitol Hill for the rights of children with hearing loss. Her background includes electrophysiology research of newborns and she was instrumental in implementing one of the first universal newborn hearing screening programs in Virginia.

Hilary Gray, MA ’14, moved to Denver, Colo., following graduation in May 2014 and accepted a job with Genesis Rehab Services. Her patient population includes dementia, progressive diseases (MS, Huntington's, Parkinson's), stroke and TBIs.

Melanie Hudson (Formerly Melanie Keith), MA ’79, has been a director at EBS Healthcare since 2003. She is co-editor and chapter author of Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, 4th Edition, (Lubinski, Hudson, Delmar-Cengage, 2013). In 2013, Melanie received an ASHA Fellow Award. She is currently serving on the board of Special Interest Group Coordinators as coordinator of SIG 11, Administration and Supervision. She will begin her term on ASHA Board of Ethics in 2015.

Judy Katz Cicale, MA ’77, currently works as a part-time audiologist for ReSound. She has lived in Flordia for the past 35 years and has two grown daughters and one grandson.

Bridget Keegan, MA ’14, felt well prepared for her  CF year at Beebe Healthcare Hospital in Lewes Beach Del. She is  having a great experience so far.

Isabella Kimerling, MA ’13, works as an SLP with high school students at the Lab School of Washington, D.C.

Kimberly Lucero, MA ’14, got married following graduation. She and her husband subsequently moved to Chicago. She now works as a CF at a pediatric private practice!

Beth Murgitroyd, MA ’00, after working as an SLP in the National Health Service in Scotland for seven years, Beth relocated to Raleigh, N.C., in 2007. She is currently working with different nonprofits, including volunteer work for Triangle Aphasia Project, a fantastic resource in North Carolina for individuals with aphasia.

Mary Nuckols, BA ’73, MA ’75, was known as Dede Wooler/Bell during her tenure at GW. She is now retired, but had a great career in speech-language pathology. During her career she was involved in private, pediatric and public school therapy. Peggy has good memories of her time working in the GW Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Kara Oloskey, MA ’14, accepted a CF position with Therapy Resources Management. Since June, she has been working at a skilled nursing facility in southeast Massachusetts and is loving it so far!

Natalie Potter, MA ’14, recently started work at The River School, where she provide push-in services to kindergarteners with hearing loss. She absolutely loves it!

Sarah Reisberg, MA ’14, is completing her CF at The University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center working in acute care and with outpatient adult and pediatrics patients.

Shannon Rice, MA ’95, is currently working at Phillips Programs in Annandale, Va., as a speech-language pathologist. She is proud to say that she has supervised nine GW master’s students in the field of speech-language pathology. She feels very lucky to have such knowledgeable interns!

Elizabeth Robinette, MA ’91, is currently building a private practice in the Westminster, Md., area.  She enjoys working with a variety of kids but specializes in the dyslexic population. Check out her website at!

Susan Robinson, MA ’90, works as an administrator for an outpatient brain injury program.

Chiara Scarpelli, BA ’14, is in  New York City pursuing a Master of Science degree in communication sciences and disorders at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Laurie Shpilsky, MA ’14, is back home in Philadelphia working in a pediatric outpatient facility.

Sara Sokolowski, BA ’06, works at the Stephen Gaynor School in New York, N.Y., with students who have language-based learning difficulties. She lives in Riverdale, N.Y., with her husband and her daughter.

Mara Steinberg, BA, BS ’07, is an SLP at an acute care hospital in New York and a second-year doctoral student at New York University!

Regina Thomas, MA ‘74 , continues to provide speech-language services to adults with intellectual disabilities via private practice at day treatment facilities, natural and community group homes throughout the greater Washington area. She specializes in communication intervention and feeding treatment for individuals  with significant behavioral/communication issues and dysphagia. Regina provided clinical supervision to GW graduate students until fall 2012 (as a way to give back) while working for the Art & Drama Therapy Institute, Inc., and previously for the Georgetown University Child Development Center. 

Eliza Thompson, BS ’99, EdS ’14, spent the month of August 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya, working with children diagnosed with autism through Global Autism Project. This was her second trip to the continent of Africa using her skills as an SLP to help children and families diagnosed with this disorder. Eliza presented at ASHA in 2011 on providing effective and sustainable speech services internationally. She hopes to do so again at next year's convention.

Julie Trefzger, MA ’13, is currently working in Annandale, Va., at Skill Builders LLC. Her case load covers a wide variety of speech and language disorders in a population of ages 3-18 year olds.

Peggy Umansky, BA ’74, MA ’77, has a private practice in St. Louis, Mo., working with students of all ages who have some type of disability, i.e. learning, language, ADHD, executive function, etc. The scope of her interventions include organization, time management, study skills, test taking skills, writing skills and basic coping skills.

Rene Utianski, BA ’08, finished her PhD in May 2014 at Arizona State University and has just started a two-year post-doctoral research fellowship at the Mayo Clinic-Arizona. She is researching neuronal network degeneration and subsequent cognitive deficits in patients with Parkinson's disease. Rene is also working on completing her CF part-time at a private clinic and loving the clinic-research balance.

Ben Watson, BA ’77, stepped down as the founding chair of the Master of Science program in medical speech-language pathology at New York Medical College in September 2012 to become vice dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice at the college.

Mara Weinstein Friedman, MA ’97, works for Sunny Days Inc. doing early intervention direct service as well as some private work.

Laura Wilson, MA ’11, uses auditory-oral strategies to serve deaf and hard of hearing children at Clarke School for Hearing and Speech (preschool) and through the Early Steps Program (birth to 3). She resides and works in Jacksonville, Fla.

Ellen (Weinstein) Zane, BA ’73, is the CEO emeritus of the Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Mass., and the current vice chair of the Medical Center's board of trustees. Ms. Zane served as the CEO of Tufts Medical Center from 2004-2011. Currently she serves on a number of public company boards and has a faculty appointment at Tufts University Medical School and is also an adjunct at the Harvard School of Public Health. Most importantly, she is the vice chair of the GW board of trustees!