Class Notes, Fall 2018

October 01, 2018

Karen Blomberg, MA ’80, continues to specialize in treating adult onset neurological disorders; specializing in dysphagia and feeding difficulties. She enjoys supervising a GW graduate student every spring and a UDC graduate student every fall.

Linda Carpenter, BA ’69, retired in 2009 from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She lives in The Villages, Fla., where she has been working on a study of the state's voluntary pre-kindergarten program.

Judy Cicale, MA ’77, has lived in Gainesville, Fla., since 1979. She has been a field training audiologist for ReSound since 2006.

Arliene Entine-Reich, BA ’74, has been in her own private practice for the past 35 years, after having been employed in two hospital settings. Her undergraduate degree in speech pathology provided a solid foundation for graduate school at University of Michigan and a very rewarding career!

Robyn Fields, MA ’80, lives in New York. She has a teletherapy speech and language practice, treating home-schooled students over the internet.

Patricia Gaffney, BA ’01, is faculty in the Department of Audiology at Nova Southeastern University and specializes in vestibular assessment and treatment. She is also involved with the American Academy of Audiology and presents nationally.

Kristen Greene, BA ’05, is currently a special education teacher for students with autism within Boston public schools. In March, she gave birth to her daughter, Isla Gabrielle. Additionally her and her husband are in the process of adopting their 4-year-old foster son.

Marjorie (McKinley) Houston, MA ’88, has been a private practice audiologist in Escondido, Calif., since 1992. She is married with two children.

Junerose Juan, MA ’10, spent the last few years as the clinical office manager at a private practice in the San Francisco bay area. This year she went on two medical missions to the Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia.

Caroline Kaufmann, MA ’18, moved from her hometown of Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles in May 2018 to pursue a clinical fellowship opportunity. She currently works as a speech-language pathologist for KIPP L.A. schools.

Terry Perl, BA ’67, MA ’71, retired in 2011 after serving as CEO of Chimes International for 40 years. He currently lives in Tucson and Flagstaff, Ariz., with his wife, Martha, and two standard poodles. He is an active community volunteer, golfer and world traveler.

Matt Prunier, BA ’98, and his wife, Nicole Prunier, BA ’98, are both wealth management advisors in Newburyport, Mass.

Sam Shepard, MA ’14, has started a mobile fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallow company in Houston, Texas! They provide FEES services, train new SLPs in FEES and provide CEU courses.

Lori Smith, BA ’92, has been working as a speech language therapist in a variety of public schools since 1996. She currently is the speech therapist for the South Orange/Maplewood Board of Education in an inclusive early childhood center.

Erika Strehl, BA ’12, currently lives in Seattle, Wash., anxiously waiting for their NHL team. She recently joined Providence St. Joseph Health as the senior project manager for the system Heart Institute.

Sharon Tievsky, MA ’74, recently retired as a speech-language pathologist at the Monarch Center for Autism in Cleveland, Ohio. Her and her husband, Andrew Tievsky, are currently living in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Corinne Zmoos, BA ’15, recently began as Easter Seals' speech pathologist at their D.C. Child Development Center. In addition to her caseload, she will be implementing a music and language curriculum to help every child at the center connect with their inner musician!