MA Program for those with a Bachelor's Degree in SLP

The MA in Speech-Language Pathology for students with a BA in Speech-Language Pathology is a two-year, five semester program. The 42-credit program includes:

  • core courses on the scope of speech-language pathology practice,
  • clinical experience through a set of core practicum rotations in the Speech and Hearing Center, and
  • electives and externships to further specific interests in areas such as pediatric, medical, language disorders, voice disorders, or neurological communication disorders.

All students take the National Examination in Speech-Language Pathology (PRAXIS) during their last semester. Students may choose either a thesis or non-thesis option as part of the requirements of the graduate program.

Non-thesis option: Students register for 36 semester hours of course work and 5 semester hours of clinical practicum. Non-thesis students take a departmental comprehensive examination during their last semester of graduate study.

Thesis option: Students register for 30 semester hours of course work, 6 semester hours of thesis research, and 5 semester hours of clinical practicum. Students complete a thesis presentation in lieu of the comprehensive examination.

Students choosing the thesis option develop a proposal with a faculty advisor and then conduct their research under the direction of a thesis committee. The decision to write a thesis is made by the end of the second semester of the graduate program and must be pre-approved by the faculty.

Further information and course description can be found in the University Bulletin.

For more information, contact the Chair of Admissions Professor Michael Bamdad at

As of Fall 2011 (Subject to Change)

FALL 1 (Total Credits: 13)

SPHR 6201 Clinical Practica (1)
SPHR 6230 Pediatric Language & Speech Disorders I (3)
SPHR 6240 Neurogenic Disorders (3)
SPHR 6260 Voice Disorders (3)
SPHR 6207 Diagnostic Procedures in SPHR (3)

SPRING 1 (Total Credits: 11)

SPHR 6201 Clinical Practica (1)
SPHR 6210 Research Methods in SPHR (3)*
SPHR 6220 Articulation & Phonology Disorders (3)
SPHR 6241 Applied Neuroanatomy (3)
SPHR 6205 Professional and Clinical Issues in SPHR (1)

SUMMER 1 (Total Credits: 4 or 6 or 8)

SPHR 6201 Clinical Practica (1)
SPHR 6281 Dysphagia (2)
SPHR 9276 Aural Rehabilitation (3)
SPHR 6291 International Collaboration in SLP (Nepal) (2) **Elective option**
SPHR 6295 Advanced Topics in Aural Rehabilitation (1) -
                      ONLY if waived Aural Rehabilitation

FALL 2 (Total Credits: 4 or 6 or 8)

SPHR 6201 Clinical Practica (1)
SPHR 6251 Fluency Disorders Seminar (3)
                      Elective (2-4)

SPRING 2 (Total Credits: 4 or 6)

SPHR 6201 Clinical Practica (1)
SPHR 6231 Pediatric Language & Speech Disorders II (3)
                      Elective (2)

Total Credits: 42

*Thesis option: For students opting to do a thesis, you will register for 1 credit of 6210: Research Methods in SPHR plus the following three courses in place of the two electives. Students will have a specific assignment in 6210 related to the thesis.

SPHR 6998 Thesis (2)
SPHR 6999 Thesis (2)
SPHR 6295 Preparing the Thesis Proposal (2)

**Elective option: Students must take 4 credits of electives

2015-2016 (subject to change)

SPHR 6282 Augmentative Communication (2)
SPHR 6222 Motor Speech Disorders
SPHR 6291 Autism (2)
**SPHR 295 Independent Study (1-3)
**SPHR 6998/6999 Thesis (4)


Alumna Wins Prestigious Award

Alumna Wins Prestigious Award

Alumna Kelly Owen, MA ’09, a speech language pathology graduate, was awarded the distinguished student award from the D.C. Speech and Hearing Association.

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