Speech Therapy Intensives

A unique therapy experience offered in the summer, speech therapy intensives are different from individual therapy because they occur in a condensed schedule over the course of one week. The intensive focuses on identifying ways to assist with treatment and continue to address goals. Clinicians collaborate with the participant’s family to identify one to three goals to target intensively throughout the week.

Prior to scheduling an intensive, each candidate must submit an application to ensure that it is a good fit for your family.

 “The clinicians have not only helped our daughter learn and use new sounds, but have equipped her with tips and tricks on how to remember and utilize the sounds and words in her daily life. GW has been so helpful in teaching her how to make the sounds she needs in order to communicate. They have changed the course of her life, and we would recommend anyone with a child with apraxia to attend an intensive therapy session.” 


Parent, Speech Therapy Intensive Participant

Application Requirements

  1. A referral form obtained from the GW Speech and Hearing Center.
  2. A short (three to five minutes) video of the child in a recent speech-therapy session in which therapy techniques and cues are implemented. Alternatively, parents may record a video of their child. The video should portray the child’s current communicative abilities by engaging them in conversation and using open-ended questions (e.g., “Tell me about your favorite movie”).
  3. A copy of the child’s most recent speech therapy evaluation.
  4. Any other information that may assist clinicians in reviewing the application.

Send all application materials via email to Jodi Kumar



Intensives cost $75 per therapy session. We asked that you secure your intensive with a down payment once you have been accepted into the program. We are a private pay clinic and do not accept insurance. However, we will fill out a universal health care claim form for clients at their request for insurance reimbursement.


Is My Child Ready for Mini-CHAMP?

  • Yes! My child can attend 50-minute therapy sessions with engaging activities. Up to two sessions may be offered per day. 
  • Yes! My child can easily separate from their parents.
  • Yes! My child has a diagnosis of speech sound disorder, childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) or suspected CAS.
  • Yes! My child is verbal and has some consonants and vowels in their repertoire.
  • Yes! My child does not have behavioral concerns that would alter the focus of the intensive from speech/language to managing and identifying behavioral supports.