Accent Modification

Graphic of a pair of headphones with soundwaves.

Accent modification focuses on speech sounds (consonants and vowels), stress, intonation and other “naturalness” factors (such as rate of speech).

Accent modification services cover three main areas: foreign accent modification, dialect coaching and business communication. A foreign accent occurs when a person speaks their second language using some of the rules or sounds of their first language. A regional accent, or dialect, refers to a person using some of the common rules or sounds from another part of the country.


Treatment Uses

The center offers accent modification assistance to individuals who want to develop their English communication skills for a wide range of uses, including:

  • Academia
  • Career settings
  • Social settings
  • Upcoming job interviews
  • Upcoming promotions


Clinicians in This Area

Geoffrey Greenman

Clinical Supervisor

Jodi N. Kumar

Clinical Supervisor, Adjunct Faculty

Kari Lim

Clinical Supervisor, Alumni Coordinator